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Cheers in other languages

How to say ‘cheers’ in 50 other languages


When you can say cheers in other languages, you'll quickly make friends no matter where you go. Here's how to say cheers in 50 other languages.

Get Germanized

Get Germanized: How to Germanize yourself in 21 steps


It's easy to Germanize if you adopt the right German cultural quirks – and buy German slippers. Here's how to get Germanized in 21 steps.

Dating the Germans

14 signs you're dating a German


You know you're dating a German when you've had the talk about ditching those short swimming briefs – but came to a compromise instead.

History of Valentine's Day

The tragic, unromantic history of Valentine’s Day


The true meaning of Valentine's Day takes a different light when you learn the history of Valentine's Day. Who was St Valentine anyhow? Here we look at Valentine's Day around the world.

Retiring to Germany

Retiring to Germany – is it the best option for you?


Retiring to Germany offers expats a high life quality – but would you enjoy it and are you eligible? We explain the implications of retiring to Germany.

11 ways you change after being in Germany


Visiting or living in Germany can change you in many ways, right down to mastering the stony German stare and drinking beer at work lunches.

19 habits when you drink like a German


If you drink like a German, these 19 drinking habits will be like old friends. German-born Barbara Litzlfellner shares the unique traits of German drinking culture.

Top travel scams Berlin

Safety Scouts Advice: Top 5 travel scams in Berlin

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Don't let a scam ruin your time in Germany; let security experts guide you on how to avoid the classic scams designed to part you from your valuables.

German drinking

Speaking Denglish: Mixing German drinks – the 'Deutsche' way


Cola-beer anyone? Germans have an obsession with all things fizzy but they love mixing carbonated German drinks even more. Here is a list of German drinks and German beverages to mix at home.

New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions only expats will understand


As an expat New Year's resolutions are more about memorising foreign irregular verbs or visiting that landmark you keep putting off, rather than slimming down or saving.

Best places to live

The best places to live in the world – for your personality?


Time to get out? Follow this guide to find the best place to live in the world for your personality and manners – the best places to live where you'd feel right at home.

Living in Germany

A year living in Germany: the good, the bad and the 'praktisch'


It's hard to hate living it Germany when its full of beer, hearty food and being active but a few more sunny days and better banking wouldn't hurt.

Halloween All Saints Day

The truth about Halloween you didn't know

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Have candy, costumes and commercialisation distracted us from the true meaning of Halloween? Here are some Halloween facts you should know before putting on your Halloween costume.

German phrases

The best German phrases you'll want in your vocabulary


'Die Schnapsidee': A 'liquor-idea' is either an amazing drunk plan or so stupid only a drunk person could have thought it. There are some things only these German phrases can describe.

23 signs you’re a serial expat

23 signs you’ve turned into a 'serial expat'


Several years later and you're still on the move abroad... are you addicted to expat life? If these telltale signs are true, it's time to admit you're a serial expat.

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