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German health insurance

A guide to German health insurance

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Health insurance in Germany is mandatory, and conditions apply whether residents must choose state German health insurance or private health insurance. Find health insurance companies in Germany and costs involved.

German healthcare system

The German healthcare system: A guide to healthcare in Germany


The German healthcare system: a complete guide to accessing healthcare in Germany, including information on health insurance in Germany (private and public), hospitals in Germany, visiting doctors, emergency services and more.

Having a baby in Germany

Having a baby in Germany


Everything you need to prepare for having a baby in Germany; including prenatal care, childbirth costs, German birth certificates and citizenship, aftercare, maternity leave, child benefits and allowance.


Understanding individual healthcare services in Germany


While the healthcare system is quite comprehensive and accessible, there are still medical procedures, tests or other treatments in Germany that are not covered by statutory health insurance providers.

Health insurance in Germany

Uncovering the hallmarks of the best health insurance in Germany


What does being “well-insured” really mean when it comes to obtaining mandatory health insurance in Germany?

Hospitals in Germany


If you need to visit a hospital in Germany, this guide explains the German hospital system, requirements and costs for visiting a German hospital, plus a list of the main hospitals in Germany.

German doctors: Visiting a doctor or specialist in Germany


If you need to see a German doctor, this guide explains conditions for seeing a doctor in Germany and how to find a doctor in Germany.

Body parts in German

Body parts in German and English


Body parts in German: A useful list of English-German words related to the human body for when you visit a doctor in Germany.


When hygge isn’t enough


Hygge is a particularly Danish sentiment. It’s more than happiness. More than contentment with your lot in life. Hygge is the word that describes a laidback, blissful shared moment where everything feels right with the world.

The Worlds healthiest countries

Where are the world’s healthiest countries?


Where would a hunt for the world’s healthiest countries take you? Which country boasts the healthiest national diet, the healthiest lifestyle and environment, and the best health system? What does “healthy” mean to you?

Aetna: Avoiding the catch-22 of expat lifestyle

Avoiding the catch-22 of expat lifestyle


What’s the best way to avoid the “expat blues”—feeling low and lonely when you first arrive in a country? Go out. Make friends. Have fun. Be as busy and committed to your social life when you leave the office as you are during the working day.

Medical terms in German

German dictionary: Medical terms in German


Feeling a little under the weather? Here's our guide to the most useful German medical terms to help you when you visit the doctor in Germany.

Aetna: Destinations for expat families

The top lifestyle destination countries for expat families


Most parents want their children to be healthy and happy; to be bright, creative and physically fit; and to let nothing get in the way of fulfilling their potential and leading a rich, rewarding life.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance: How to choose the best policy and health insurer...


If you're considering private health insurance, finding the right health insurance plan or health insurance company can be time consuming. This guide explains how to choose the right private health insurance for you.

International Health Insurance for Expats

International health insurance: How to choose between local or expat insura...


International health insurance for expats: How to choose between local insurance or an international health insurance plan. When is expat medical insurance necessary?

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