Home City Guide: Frankfurt Wellness & Sports in Frankfurt You don’t need wealth to keep your health!
Last update on December 08, 2018
Written by Lizzie Mason

Keeping fit in Frankfurt is a cinch if you take advantage of the many options available, writes British expat Lizzie Mason . So no excuses!

The range of services geared to cater for so many different types of people never ceases to amaze me, and this is no different in the realm of health and fitness. Despite Frankfurt being quite an expensive city, it still has a wide range of affordable, practical fitness centres/clubs to suit everybody.

Work out

I have friends who have explored different sports centres around the city and all pay different prices for the gym and club memberships. The important thing to remember when signing up at a gym for the first time is that many gyms will not only require your monthly membership payment but also a registration fee. I have a friend who not only pays EUR 20 a week for membership, but also had to pay EUR 120 for a registration fee. Personally spending EUR 80 a month on fitness is not something that revs my engine. I have found a perfectly serviceable gym at the small price of EUR 16 a month with only EUR 19 to pay upon registration. Visit www.mcfit.com/ for more information on this fitness bargain.

If you are looking for classes to accompany your gym membership, you should really be checking out the fitness centre in Bornheim www.tgbornheim.de/. You are given the option to register for full gym and class use or to choose between the two. If you decide that classes are more your thing, then you can attend any class you want for a little under EUR 10; choose from classes such as dance, aerobics, Pilates and more!

Fitness is a big thing in the city, and walking around town you can see countless people jogging, cycling and even inline skating. If you like a morning jog or want to try out your skating skills, you should really head to down to the sidewalk next to the River Main. Here you can exercise along the long stretch of the river–not only is it a great place to stretch your legs, but it also offers a great scenic view!

Relax and stretch

Frankfurt also has plentiful great places to swim and relax. Many of the larger gyms, such as Fitness First, boast their own swimming pools, but it’s possible to find separate swimming pools in the city also. Swimming pools such as DLRG – http://frankfurt-mitte.dlrg.de/ also offer swimming lessons for both children and adults. A simple search on Google should enable you to find something in your area fairly easily. If you are looking for a more holistic experience, then you should try a swimming pool/spa combination. Even though the journey can be a bit tricky (a bus service does run to this destination) it is definitely worth paying the spa in Hofheim a visit www.rhein-main-therme.de/index.html. It offers a brilliant swimming pool, one for relaxing and one for lane swimming, as well as an outside swimming area. Entering a different part of the building takes you to the spa. Here you can try out the many different saunas and steams rooms, or relax in a Jacuzzi; it’s even possible to book a massage. When you have had enough of the swimming pool, you can head to the bar, where you can order a variety of food and drinks to revitalize yourself!

Whatever you look for in your sporting life, Frankfurt is sure to offer a solution for you. If you are looking to join a sports team it’s always worth checking out www.toytowngermany.com/ to find other expats who enjoy team sports. There is no doubt that Frankfurt is a city dedicated to fitness, so join in or miss out!