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Taxes in Germany

Taxes in Germany


If you're living in Germany long-term, you will be subject to file a German tax return. Let us guide you through the maze of taxes in Germany.

Opening a bank account in Germany

Opening a bank account in Germany


Find out how to open a bank account in Germany, what documents are needed for residents and non-residents and if you can open a German bank account online.

Retiring in Germany

A guide to retiring in Germany


Retiring in Germany has plenty of perks for expats, with great healthcare and a high standard of living. This guide explains what to arrange for retirement in Germany.

Financial globalisation

The state of financial globalisation 10 years after the financial crisis


In 1917, the first international commercial flight took place. Over 70 years later, the world wide web formed. Accessibility and the spread of information are why businesses have been able to broaden their international dealings over the last century.

Manage money abroad

Protecting your finances while living abroad


Moving yourself and your belongings from one country to another requires careful consideration, but there is another asset that must be moved: your finances.

Saving cash or just collecting coins: how to save money effectively


Most people understand that as soon as you start earning money, you should start saving. The way we save and store our hard-earned cash can make a huge difference to saving and investment goals.

Banks in Germany: Choosing a German bank


Find a list of banks in Germany to help you choose the best bank in Germany for your needs, including online banks and international banks in Germany.

Importance of financial education

Understanding the importance of financial education for expats


Aside from the general complexities surrounding a move abroad, such as applying for visas and looking for work as an expat, personal finance is one of the most common areas of confusion.

International assignment

Ensuring a smooth transition abroad for relocated employees


Though sending employees on international assignments has become increasingly popular, those in charge of managing expat employees still find the process of global mobility complex.

Retire abroad

Cross-border retirement planning and pensions for expats


It’s a dream for many: after years of hard work, they can finally travel to far-off lands and enjoy the rest of their retirement without worrying about finances. With some planning beforehand, the dream of retiring abroad can become a reality.

German inheritance tax

A guide to German inheritance tax, inheritance law and writing a German wil...


When does German inheritance law and German inheritance apply to your assets? This guide explains who needs to pay inheritance tax in Germany or write a German will, plus German inheritance tax for non-residents and foreigners.

Taxes in Germany

German corporate tax rates for entrepreneurs


If you own a company in Germany, here's a guide to personal tax liabilities and German corporate tax rates for self-employed workers.

Corporate tax Germany

Corporate tax in Germany


This guide explains companies' liabilities for corporate tax in Germany, including which income is exempt from German corporate tax in the form of allowances and deductible expenses.

Beacon Financial Education: Financial wellness

Top Financial Concerns of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials


Many differences exist among baby boomers, Generation Xers, and millennials. But one thing that brings all three generations together is a concern about their financial situations. [Contributed by Beacon Financial Education]

Transferring a pension

UK pension transfers for expatriates


Chartered Financial Planner Russell Hammond, APFS MSCI, expands on some of the issues affecting expatriates when transferring UK pensions. One of very few advisers providing advice to expatriates holding the coveted ‘Chartered’ title, Hammond is non-commission based and operates exclusively on a fee-only...

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