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Last update on February 04, 2021
Written by Ron Orp

A few years ago it was difficult to find English literature in the city, except for one establishment in the city centre. Now there are several.

Ron Orp’s Mail Zurich shares tips on where to find English books.

1. Classic

Orell Füssli: Is the classic with English books on three floors at its central location at Bahnhofstrasse.

2. Quintessential clutter

The Travel Bookshop: I love the clutter and the seemingly chaotic layout of this shop. As the name suggests it deals mainly with travel literature – not exclusively English – but still a good place to browse.

3. Plenty to choose from

Buchhaus: Is the bookshop in Sihlcity that includes a large English section.

4. Old and new

Pile of books: Is the newcomer in this group, a rather small but well-stocked bookshop that just sells English books. Generally, most bookshops have an English section to keep up with the growing international population in this oh-so-cosmopolitan city.

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