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Home News Thousands demonstrate against Covid-19 restrictions in Lucerne

Thousands demonstrate against Covid-19 restrictions in Lucerne

Published on 31/07/2021

A demonstration against the restrictions linked to the coronavirus saw almost 5,000 people gather in central Swiss city of Lucerne. A counter-demonstration also took place.

On Saturday, critics of the government’s coronavirus policy marched through the old town of Lucerne to the Inselipark on the left bank of the lake to hold a rally with speeches. The demonstration was organised by the “Action alliance of the founding cantons for a sensible Corona policy” (Aktionsbündnis Urkantone für eine vernünftige Corona-Politik) that was also behind the unsuccessful referendum against the Covid-19 law held in June. The protesters said that they do not want to be under the guardianship of the state in the name of a pandemic anymore. 

At the same time, about 100 people gathered on the other side of the lake for a counter-demonstration organised by the leftwing “Alliance for a colourful Lucerne” (Bündnis Buntes Luzern). The participants protested against “right-wing agitation and conspiracy theories” and accused the critics of the anti-Covid measures of tolerating neo-Nazis in their ranks. Both demonstrations had obtained prior authorisation from the city officials. 

Geneva too saw protest action on Saturday. Close to 800 people demonstrated against the restrictions linked to the coronavirus. The demonstrators chanted “Freedom, freedom!” and criticised the requirement in some European countries – like neighbouring France – for a Covid health passes to access restaurants or events.