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Top 10 places to visit in Belgium

Top 10 places to visit in Belgium


There's so many more top things to do in Belgium than just chocolate, beer and mussels – as you'll discover in this list of the top things to do in Belgium.

The best of Belgium's weekend getaways

The best of Belgium's weekend getaways


Belgium is a feast of top weekend getaways nestled between sandy coastlines in the northwest and rugged, hilly terrain in the southeast.

Expats in Belgium

Clubs and groups for expats in Belgium


Find a list of groups and clubs for expats in Belgium to make friends and settle into Belgian life, from kids' clubs to social groups for expats in Belgium.

Places to go on a date in Brussels

10 cool places to go on a date in Brussels


This guide suggests several ways to meet and spend time with your date on a romantic night out. Take your pick from this selection of places to go on a date in Brussels.

Yoga in Belgium

A beginner's guide to yoga (in Belgium)


Don't know your asana from your elbow? Here's a short introduction to yoga by Julie Knight, plus a listing of yoga centres in Belgium.

5 authentic Belgian brasseries you have to try in Brussels


An expat foodie shares her top Belgian brasseries in Brussels for old-school decor and hearty Belgian dishes. Which one is your favourite?

European Christmas markets: A guide to the best Christmas markets in Europe


‘Tis the season for Christmas carols, Santa, mulled wine and European Christmas markets. Head to some of the best European markets at Christmas to discover on holiday.

Plastic design

Brussels' unrivalled tribute to plastic design


The Atomium's unique 'Plasticarium Collection' is one of the world's biggest tributes to plastic design – and one of Brussels' few museums that opens on a Monday.

Royal Greenhouses Brussels

Discovering Belgium: The brutality behind beauty in Brussels


Denzil Walton explores the brutality and greed that made the beauty of the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken in Brussels possible.

Easter in Belgium

What to do during Easter in Belgium


Most shops close and families gather for huge feasts to celebrate Easter in Belgium. But there's plenty to do for those looking for an active Belgian Easter, including public Easter egg hunts.

Stay in a castle

Stay in a castle: 25 of the best castles to stay in Europe


Staying in a castle gets you closer to royalty, celebrities, legends – and ghosts? Here are 25 of best castles to stay in Europe for a romantic, royal or spooky adventure.

Carnival in Belgium

The best ways to celebrate carnival in Belgium


Belgian carnival is seeped in history and folklore, with several celebrations dating more than 500 years, such as Binche carnival. Find the top Belgian carnival events in 2017.

Belgium Christmas markets

Christmas markets in Belgium


It's easy to find your festive spirit at Belgium's Christmas markets of ice sculptures, mulled wine, animations and more. Here is a list of the best Christmas markets in Belgium.

8 reasons all serious cyclists need to ride the Ronde in Belgium

8 reasons all serious cyclists need to ride the Ronde in Belgium


While Belgium's famous Ronde is not just for professional cyclists, it's certainly not for the faint of heart – but definitely worth the wild ride, as one cyclist found.

How to eat healthy in flights

10 tips on how to eat healthy on flights

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Helpful advice for frequent expat travellers who want to keep their healthy eating habits while travelling on an airplane and stay away from some less than appetising plane food.

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