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House to rent in Belgium

Finding a flat or house to rent in Belgium


The particularities of Belgium’s housing market make renting a house or apartment an attractive solution to many expats. This guide gives an overview of these peculiarities, explains tenants’ rights in Belgium, and offers tips on where to search for an apartment.

Buying a house in Belgium

Buying a property in Belgium


Property for sale in Belgium tends to be cheaper than nearby countries, but homebuyers should be aware of the high property transaction costs and market rules before buying a Belgian property.

Where to live in Brussels

Best Brussels neighbourhoods: Where to stay in Brussels


Where is the best place to stay in Brussels? Read this guide to Brussels' neighbourhoods, from Brussels' bustling centre to Uccle's green areas, to find where to stay in Brussels.

Real estate in Belgium

Buying real estate in Belgium: new-build houses and apartments


Purchasing a new house or an apartment in a new building in Brussels can be a great investment for expats moving to Belgium.


Top three reasons to move to Louvain-la-Neuve


Louvain-la-Neuve was originally built as a student town to accommodate its flourishing university community back in the early 1970s. However, surrounded by beautiful countryside, it offers an excellent standard of living to all who choose to reside there.

Guide to mortgages in Belgium


Discover everything you need to know about getting a mortgage in Belgium, from rates and affordability to the different types of Belgian mortgages.

Furnished and serviced apartments in Brussels

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Moving to Brussels for just a few weeks or months? Serviced, furnished apartments offer flexible short- to long-term leases, provide you with all the amenities, and spare you much of the moving hassle.

Moving Abroad

Moving abroad with family: making a smooth transition

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Many expats move abroad alone but others come with spouses and children in tow, making the transition to a new country a little more complicated.

Buying a house

Buying a home is more than just a mortgage


Buying a home is a monumental occasion, whether you’re starting fresh in a new Belgian city or building your dream house in the town that you fell in love with.

Where to live in Antwerp

Where to live in Antwerp: expats’ top 5 neighbourhoods


Though Brussels gets much of the attention, Antwerp is one of the most popular places to live in Belgium for expats thanks to its beauty, culture and international atmosphere.

Rent or buy a house in Belgium

Housing in Belgium: Know the basics


A guide on what to expect when moving to Belgium, and information on whether you should rent or buy a property in Belgium.


Where to live in Belgium

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Living in Brussels is common, but there are many picturesque Belgian cities and communes to live in Belgium, such as Antwerp, Ghent, Tervuren or Waterloo.

Rent in Brussels

Renting in Brussels


All the basic information you need to find and rent a property in Brussels, including how to choose which neighbourhood to live in when moving to Brussels.


Buying a home in Belgium: tips and tricks


Use these tips to get a better deal in the Belgian property market and avoid some of the pitfalls of buying a home in Belgium as an expat.

Belgian housing terms

Glossary of Belgian housing terms


Learn the difference between an 'appartement' and a 'flat', or a 'maison bourgeoise' and a 'maison de maître', with this glossary of Belgian housing terms.

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