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Online banking

The differences between traditional and online banking


The banking industry has rapidly evolved in the past few decades. Banks have become global institutions, operating in multiple countries around the world—and, perhaps more importantly, online.

Insurance in Belgium

Insurance in Belgium – what Belgian insurance do you need?


What insurance in Belgium do expats need? This guide explains travel, health, home, life and car insurance in Belgium, and which Belgian insurance is mandatory.

Taxes in Belgium

Taxes for freelancers, self-employed and corporations in Belgium

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If you work in Belgium as a freelancer, self-employed worker or company owner, you must register to pay Belgian corporate tax and social security. This guide explains corporate tax rates in Belgium.

Labour market in Belgium

Current trends in the job market in Belgium


The doors are opening for job-seeking expats in Belgium, where the job vacancy rate is rising and the unemployment rate is dropping—and where talent is still in high demand.

Belgium bank

Belgian bank guide: Banking in Belgium for foreigners


This Belgian bank guide explains banking in Belgium for foreigners, from choosing a bank in Belgium and opening a Belgian bank account to getting a debit, visa or credit card in Belgium.

Expat guide to inheritance tax in Belgium, inheritance law and drawing a la...


Inheritance tax in Belgium can apply to worldwide assets; find out if your assets or real estate are subject to Belgian inheritance law and what Belgian inheritance tax you are liable to pay.

Pension transfers for UK expats: how to make QROPS work for you


An overview of the options for UK pensioners moving abroad during retirement: leaving your pension in a UK plan, or transferring it into a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS).


Tax on savings and investments in Belgium

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Planning to invest and save for your future while in Belgium? Here is our helpful guide for expats on the Belgium taxes on savings and investment incomes and other important information about shares, capital gains tax and speculation tax in Belgium.

Brexit currency impact

Brexit and its strong impact on currency exchange rates


The monumental Brexit has yielded political, cultural and also economical consequences. Here we explain how the UK's vote to leave the EU has led to significant Brexit currency impacts like lower currency exchange rates and the British pound devaluation.

Best way to transfer money internationally

The best ways to transfer money internationally


To find the best way to transfer money internationally, it’s important to understand the fees, exchange rates and speed of different transfer options.

Calculating your taxes in Belgium

How to calculate your tax burden in Belgium


Belgian taxes can take a chunk out of your salary – calculate how much you have to pay in Belgian taxes and social security to find your net salary or net income.

Deducting business expenses in Belgium

What expenses can I deduct from my Belgian taxes?


Expatica's tax expert Gregory Goossens explains what business expenses you can deduct from your Belgian taxes when filing your tax return in Belgium.

non-resident tax status Belgium

Expat tax in Belgium: How to claim non-resident tax status


Expatica's tax expert Gregory Goossens explains how to arrange your taxes after moving to Belgium and the tax benefits for non-resident Belgian tax payers.

Digital banking

Mobile banking in Belgium


Mobile banking is very popular in Belgium, with residents using apps for day-to-day banking, money transfers and even in-store payments.

Taxes in Belgium

Filing your 2017 tax return for Belgium – in English


Expatica's tax expert provides an overview of tax filing deadlines and an English version of the 2017 Belgian tax return to help you file your Belgian taxes.

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