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Money saving ideas for expatriates (sponsored contribution)

Published on 22/09/2009

Offshore banking offers a range of money saving ideas for expatriates, from multi-currency offshore savings accounts with the convenience of online access or fixed term guaranteed returns, to possible tax savings that can help grow your wealth.Some of the key benefits offshore banking can offer the internationally mobile and expatriate customer are as follows:

The security, flexibility and convenience of multi-currency accounts, which allow for seamless cross-border financial transactions, both at home and abroad.

A safe, secure home for your savings, in a stable environment, wherever you may relocate to in the world.

Potential tax savings – depending on your circumstances, there may be several tax advantages to banking offshore that can grow your savings even faster.

However you care to save and whatever you may be saving for, an offshore bank account will open a huge range of savings options for those with an international lifestyle.

Why not investigate the world of offshore banking now – and broaden your financial horizons?