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Appeals against minaret ban sent to Europe court

Strasbourg — The European Court of Human Rights has received several appeals against a Swiss ban on building new minarets, including from a prominent Muslim in Geneva, an official said Thursday.

In a 29 November referendum, 57.5 percent voted in favour of a proposal brought by the far-right to ban the construction of minarets on mosques.

One of the appeals lodged with the court was from Hafid Ouardiri, a former spokesman of the Geneva Mosque, the biggest in Switzerland, a court official said.

Ouardiri said that the ban violated articles of the European Convention on Human Rights on freedom of religion and a prohibition on discrimination.

His complaint also refers to an article that allows for an "effective remedy" against violations of the convention.

"They will be registered in the coming days and then examined according to the normal procedure," said the spokesman, adding the process could take several months.

Five other appeals against the ban had been received by the court and were being examined to see if they were admissible, the spokesman said.

AFP / Expatica