Keeping pets in Moscow

Keeping pets in Moscow

Last update on December 11, 2018

Expatica’s information on pets includes important matters such as relocating pets abroad, pet culture and pet services abroad.

Moving pets

Pets are part of the family, but bringing them with you can be challenging. International requirements vary from country to country, so it’s critical to work with quality international pet transport companies that are up-to-date with current import regulations. Make a pet packing checklist with our Have pet, will travel article.

Moving pets may be simpler within Europe, but make sure that your pet has an official EU Pet Passport that shows your trusty companion has obtained the necessary medical checkups and vaccinations to cross borders safely. Also, be aware of varying pet relocation laws, even within the EU.

If you’re moving a cat or shipping a dog, and your company is paying for your relocation, make sure they know about your pets. In the Expatica article Strange but true expat tales, an HR manager was vexed when an employee needed to transport his pet lizard by taxi and expected the company to pay for it. In the end, the cost was not high compared to the overall cost of the relocation, so they did pay.

Pet culture

If you choose to bring a pet into your family after relocation, then check out how things work in your new country, such as whom to call should your pet go missing and the best places to choose pets. Dog and cat homes, for instance, may be a better bet than buying from another source.

Understand the rules about pets in your country, such as cleaning up after your dog, and make sure you comply. Don’t always do as the locals do, as this may not endear you to your neighbours! Understand how pets are viewed in your new country of residence. You may find the local attitudes to pets and animals in general differ widely from your own.

Pet services

Looking for a dog, cat or fish-sitter, pet carrier, or even a kitten? Check out Expatica’s Pets and Animal section in Classifieds. For dog groomers and other services check out Expatica’s A-Z listings.