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British woman found buried in her garden in Portugal

Police have found the body of a 72-year-old British woman buried in the garden of her home in southern Portugal and have arrested her partner, police said Wednesday.

The man, an unidentified 59-year-old British national, is suspected of “aggravated homicide” and will be questioned by a judge, police said in a statement.

The woman’s son, who lives in Britain, contacted Portuguese police after he was not able to contact his mother for over a month at her home in the Algarve, Portugal’s southernmost province, Portuguese media reported.

Police found the body of the victim, identified by Portuguese media as Brenda, buried in the garden of her home in the town of Alcalzar, the Lusa news agency reported citing police sources.

The man who was arrested had lived with the woman for several years, daily newspaper Correo da Manha reported. He admitted burying the body in the garden but said his partner had committed suicide, according to the report.

An autopsy will be carried out to determine the cause of death of the woman, who had lived in Portugal for over a decade.