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Youths arrested over Olhão street crimes

olhaoCentreTwo young men, aged 17 and 19, suspected of robbing people in the streets of Olhão, attacking some of them with an iron bar, have been arrested and are awaiting trial from the security of a prison cell.

The arrest of the two suspects was ordered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Faro and carried out by the PSP in Olhão.

According to the prosecutor’s office, two defendants “violently attacked several people” and “forcibly took various valuables,” on several occasions.

The two arrested acted as part of a youth group and used weapons at least once.

“There are also suspicions that one of the detainees has been selling cocaine and cannabis in Olhão since August 2017,” the Public Prosecutor added.

The youths were presented to the criminal investigating judge of Faro on Thursday. Both have been accused of robbery and physical offenses and one of them, also, of drug trafficking.