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Youngster arrested in Vilamoura with 288 doses of drugs

YOUNGSTER ARRESTED IN VILAMOURA WITH 288 DOSES OF DRUGSA 22 year old man was arrested for drug trafficking in Vilamoura at the weekend, after he acted nervously during a road inspection, arousing the suspicion of the authorities.

The Vilamoura GNR approached the mans vehicle during a routine road traffic inspection, and “upon verifying that the man was nervous and a bag containing a drug was visible inside the vehicle, a brief search of the vehicle and a personal security search were carried out”, explained the GNR in a statement.

During the course of the police investigations, a house search was also carried out, which resulted in the seizure of 252 doses of hashish, 36 doses of MDMA, 260 euros in cash, a knife commonly known as a “butterfly” knife and a precision scale.

The young man appeared at the Judicial Court of Loulé on Monday, for sentencing.