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White stork infected with bird flu detected in Silves

WHITE STORK INFECTED WITH BIRD FLU DETECTED IN SILVESThe Directorate-General for Food and Veterinary Medicine (DGAV) have warned of the “high risk” of the spread of bird flu, after a new case was confirmed in a white stork, bringing the number of outbreaks in Portugal to 16.

According to the DGAV, a case of infection by the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAI) was confirmed in a white stork, collected in Bairro do Progresso, in Silves.

“This HPAI focus highlights the high risk of the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza in the country”, warned the DGAV, explaining that, taking into account that it is a wild animal, no restriction zones have been defined.

The stork has been sent to the Center for Recovery and Investigation of Wild Animals (RIAS), in Olhão.

With this case, the number of bird flu outbreaks in Portugal rose to 16.

The first case was confirmed on November 30th, 2021, in a domestic poultry house in the municipality of Palmela, Setúbal.

Of the total 16 cases, 11 outbreaks were detected in domestic birds, “including commercial farms of turkeys, chickens and ducks, as well as a private collection of cosmetic birds and poultry, plus five outbreaks in wild birds”. These cases were confirmed in the districts of Leiria, Lisbon, Santarém, Setúbal, Beja and Faro.

The latest DGAV notice confirms that control measures are being implemented, including inspection of the places where the disease was detected, slaughter of infected animals, as well as notification of farms with birds within protection zones of a 3km radius, and surveillance within a radius of 10 kilometres.

The DGAV have once again appealed to all poultry keepers to comply with biosecurity measures and good poultry production practices, reinforcing the hygiene procedures of facilities, equipment and materials. The “notification of any suspicion must be carried out immediately”, allowing for the swift adoption of control measures.

The director-general of DGAV, Susana Guedes Pombo, also said that poultry and captive birds held in establishments and private homes in mainland Portugal, must be confined in their accommodation, preventing contact with wild birds.

Fairs, markets, exhibitions and other gatherings involving captive birds are prohibited.

The circulation of fresh meat and meat products from slaughterhouses or game handling establishments is also prohibited, as is the circulation of eggs for hatching or human consumption and animal by-products obtained from poultry.

“In all circumstances, poultry slaughterhouse operators must receive food chain information (IRCA) at least 24 hours before the arrival of animals at the slaughterhouse”, said Susana Guedes Pombo, warning that infringements of the implemented measures will result in punishment.

The announced measures are already in force and their extension period varies depending on the spread of the infection.

Source Lusa