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Ukraine: INEM sends medical aid and makes hospital beds available

UKRAINE: INEM SENDS MEDICAL AID AND MAKES HOSPITAL BEDS AVAILABLEThe National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM) has its emergency medical module (PT EMT) and professionals ready, in case it is triggered through the European Civil Protection Mechanism. Yesterday, as part of the aid provided to Ukraine, Portugal sent medicines and medical supplies, worth around 100,000 euros.

This shipment, coordinated by the Ministry of Health, was sent by land transport to a warehouse in Poland on the border with Ukraine and includes 204,000 units of medicines for hospital and outpatient use, including antibiotics, pain medicines, treatment for dehydration, as well as 416,,000 syringes and needles, among other products.

This is the first of several donations that are being prepared by Portugal, in accordance with lists of needs for goods and services expressed by the European Commission and the national authorities of the Member States. In addition to the donations that make up this shipment, additional shipments of products from national pharmaceutical laboratories are still being prepared.

Portugal has also made 603 beds  available in National Health Service (SNS) hospital units for emerging patients, whose treatment can no longer be guaranteed in hospitals in Ukraine. These available beds consist of 495 in infirmary and 108 beds in intensive care units (adults, pediatrics , neonates and burns).

INEM’s PT-EMT, which is prepared to act in case of activation by the European Civil Protection Mechanism, aims to provide health care to populations affected by complex emergencies or catastrophes, in support of the local health system. It has the ability to respond to a large number of victims, ensuring triage, initial stabilisation, referral to appropriate health units and the definitive treatment of some minor medical and traumatic situations.

Source https://www.inem.pt/