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Tourist Tax revenue should be spread across the Algarve

The Algarve’s hotels association, beachBarImageAHETA, proposes that ‘Tourist Tax’ revenues should be spread across the region in partnership with the private sector.

AHETA represents the business interests of hotels and tourism businesses in the Algarve and is fully against the new tax that some Councils are intent on introducing, stating often that it is “unjust and inappropriate.”

For the association, the introduction of the per night tax, at a time when the market is cooling off and Brexit is coming soon, “contributes to a negative signal on the international markets and, thereby, further increases the loss of competitiveness compared to other destinations.”
Even so, AHETA says that it has decided not formally to oppose the introduction of the tax, provided the money goes to sensible projects and is not wasted.

Calling for the money to be managed in partnership with the private sector, AHETA says that projects directed toward improving the attractiveness of the region, plus promotional activities and the support of ‘sustainable tourism’ should be proposed, as well as doing up some of the Algarve’s historical heritage that is in poor shape.
Given the importance of the region as a whole for tourism, coupled with the fact that around 70% of the total nights spent in the region are concentrated in only three municipalities (Albufeira, Loulé and Portimão), AHETA, says the money should be spread around across the region even though some Councils will elect not to collect it.