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Tourist board used Brexit to reinforce ‘brand Portugal’

Published on 20/03/2019

Portugal’s national tourist board had been having an little fun with Brexit-torn Britain in launching a video clip on social media, ‘Brelcoming’ British holidaymakers to the beach.

“Sometimes life plays little tricks and brings some changes. But there are a few things that will remain the same. You are part of our history and together, as allies, we changed the course of the world. No border will separate us,” is a promising start from the tourist board.

“Your sense of humour and zest for life will forever remain on the sand of our beaches, on our golf courses, on our wine cellars and on our music festivals. Brexit may be the word, but from us you will always be hearing “Brelcome.”

Continuing the ‘leave’ theme, the tourist board then lists the reasons why Portugal is such a good place to have a holiday.’

Our sand will never leave you’ – an extensive coastline with soft golden sand on every beach, a long summer and plenty of sunshine all year round make Portugal an obvious choice as a holiday destination. See more in “The best beaches”

‘Our sunsets will never leave you’ – come to Portugal to enjoy the good life in every way. Just let yourself go and savour all the things we have to offer – the different landscapes, the aromas and flavours of Portuguese gastronomy, the sounds of nature, to name but a few.

Inspire yourself in “Enjoy the good life” – our waves will never leave you

There’s more, as the tourist board takes full advantage of the UK’s struggle with democracy

‘- stretching for more than 850km, the Portuguese coast is a gigantic surfing beach offering great waves every day. And there are many ways to tackle them, it all depends on your skill and enthusiasm.

‘The food in Portugal is a closely guarded secret. Portuguese cuisine has everything to please even the most discerning palate because it is based on genuine quality products, cooked according to traditional recipes or to the most innovative and unusual trends.

If you are travelling to Portugal soon, you probably want to know what will be different when planning your trip.

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Video clip is HERE