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Subsidy of €219 for those who treat patients with Covid-19

SUBSIDY OF €219 FOR THOSE WHO TREAT PATIENTS WITH COVID-19According to the preliminary version of the Portuguese State Budget proposal for 2021, health professionals working in areas dedicated to Covid-19 treatment will receive a risk subsidy to the maximum amount of €219 per month. 

The risk allowance will be paid to health professionals from the National Health Service (SNS), or integrated into the Ministry of Health with an employment contract in public functions, or an employment contract “who practice acts directly and mostly related to suspected and infected patients “, as long as it is permanent and in dedicated areas.

This support for increased risk workers will be paid up to 12 months per year for “as long as the pandemic situation of the Covid-19 disease persists in an emergency, calamity or contingency.” The allowance “is extraordinary and transitory and corresponds to 20% of the basic monthly remuneration of each worker, with a limit of 50% of the value of the IAS (Social Support Indexer), with the payment being made every two months.”
The value of the IAS is fixed at €438.81.