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Study of Algarve wetlands to thwart developers

salgadosThe Almargem Association has submitted an application to the Environmental Fund for a project that seeks to understand more about the Algarve region’s several wetlands in support of their classification as protected areas.

According to Almargem, the areas of Trafal and Foz do Almargem (Loulé), Lagoa dos Salgados and Sapais da Pêra (Silves, Albufeira) and Alagoas Brancas (Lagoa) are included.

Although there have been several proposals in recent years with the same objective, Almargem added that there is no classification of any of these wetlands as a ‘protected local area’ and that they all face pressure by developers which will involve their destruction.

The planned study, “is thus an opportunity to fill those gaps.”

In order to guarantee the credibility and technical foundation of the project, Almargem is looking for, “people and/or institutions of excellence in this area of ??study.”