Home News Strikes could hit Ryanair tomorrow – Tuesday 16th April

Strikes could hit Ryanair tomorrow – Tuesday 16th April

Published on 15/04/2019

Despite Ryanair’s management heralding a new era of near-perfect labour relations, it has just received a strike notice that may affect flights until July.

On Tuesday, April 16th, the Union representing workers at the low-cost airline and the airport company Groundlink, announced a strike.

Passengers with Ryanair flights booked during the next few months need to confirm that there are no issues of cancellations.

The National Union of Civil Aviation Workers has issued, on behalf of Ryanair and Groundlink workers, a notice of strike that may affect both companies.

If it goes ahead, the stoppages begin tomorrow, April 16, and could last until July 15th.

“Despite attempts by companies to solve and mitigate the difficult, very precarious and very precarious conditions in which the workers of both companies work, they never predisposed themselves to make a real effort to arrive at an understanding as to the worries expressed by the workers,” read a Union statement.

The Union also accuses Ryanair and Groundlink (the passenger check-in company) of “having taken an aggressive, totalitarian and bullying attitude towards the workers, putting pressure on them whenever they gave a signal that they wanted to claim the rights in the Constitution.”