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Short-term relief as fuel strike suspended until Monday

Short-term relief as fuel strike suspended until MondayThe National Union of Hazardous Materials Drivers (SNMMP) announced this Friday lunchtime, 16th of August, that it is willing to suspend the strike in order to pave way for the Government to convene a meeting between ANTRAM (National Association of Road Goods Carriers) and a mediator of the Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT).

In a statement, the union says this possible suspension will last until Sunday, by which point an agreement will hopefully have been reached for the workers.

This statement went on to reveal that “In view of the appointment today of a mediator from the DGERT (Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations) to open negotiations with ANTRAM”, the Union “felt that the necessary conditions were set for all parties to sit down at a table and resolve the issue.”

“We want to make it clear to the whole country and the political parties that we have always been acting in good faith in this process. We announce the temporary suspension of the strike from the beginning of the meeting to be convened by the Government”, the Union revealed.

Furthermore, this news comes as fuel stocks across the country are beginning to increase, to the point where the Emergency Network of Fuel Stations (REPA) put in place by the Government has been reduced due to lack of necessity.