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Sevenair airline repatriates 15 stranded Algarvians from North Africa

2sevenair faro“None of the passengers have, so far, shown symptoms of virus infection and will remain in quarantine as soon as they land at Faro airport. If during the quarantine we notice any altercation, health authorities will be immediately informed”, assured Lusa Sevenair’s commercial director, Alexandre Alves, following the return of 15 Portuguese nationals to their home country.

According to the official, “all security measures have been taken” and the 15 passengers “are obliged to travel equipped with masks and protective gloves”. “On board there is disinfectant gel for use during the trip, distributed by the aircraft crew,” he added.

Upon arrival in Portugal “all passengers will be monitored by specialized teams and then quarantined. The Portuguese health authorities were informed in advance of this flight,” said the official.

The flight left Algiers, the capital of Algeria, and made a stop in Malaga, before arriving at Faro airport at 4:00 pm, “where members of the health entities are waiting, which will proceed to assess the state of passenger health, such as body temperature measurement and other screening tests “.

“This is a commercial flight. The contact was made at the end of last week by the passengers themselves who knew the company’s experience in conducting such flights. All passengers are from the Faro region”, said Alexandre Alves.

The commercial director said that the airline Sevenair are heeding the advice given as part of the contingency plans enacted by the Portuguese authorities, and the company’s aircraft are disinfected every day with suitable products, with health questionnaires being completed by passengers also.