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Self-Scheduling of Covid booster and Flu vaccination opens tomorrow

SELF-SCHEDULING OF COVID BOOSTER AND FLU VACCINATION OPENS TOMORROWThe DGS have announced that Self-Scheduling facility for Covid booster vaccinations and Flu vaccinations for people over 80 will be available online at the Covid-19 Portal from tomorrow, Tuesday 26th October.

Data released this Sunday by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) shows that Portugal has already administered 279,000 flu vaccines since the beginning of the campaign at the end of September.
The campaign is taking place in descending order of age, as in the past, starting with people aged 80 years and over.
The second phase of the flu vaccination campaign, which covers people aged 65 and over, started last Monday, October 18th.

Citizens will be summoned via the same format as for previous Covid vaccinations, to take both vaccines at the same time, or just the flu vaccine.

Alternatively, from tomorrow, the over 80’s can go online to the Covid-19 Portal to schedule their appointment for Flu and Covid-19 vaccinations. It is expected that, over the next couple of weeks,  this self-scheduling system will be updated to enable the over 65’s to schedule their appointments, as happened with the Covid-19 vaccination program.

The DGS points out, that “the rate of flu vaccination depends on the delivery of vaccines and is subject to adjustments, according to the availability of vaccines”.
However, it is expected that the number of vaccines available in November will increase, accelerating the pace of the Flu and Covid booster vaccination program.