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SEF continues purge on illegal foreign farmworkers

EstufasForeigners and Borders Service staff have been sweeping up more illegal workers in the Algarve region with three inspections at farms this week.

The SEF said that 97 foreign nationals had been identified, “in the course of an operation carried out with the collaboration of the Authority for Working Conditions and Social Security.”

Of the total number of foreign workers, most of whom are from the Indian sub-continent, four were illegally in the country and were notified that they had to leave asap.

The 16 SEF inspectors involved in the operation also noted two contraventions by employers.

At Faro Airport, the SEF spotted and detained a foreign citizen for trying to travel on a fake Romanian passport. The 26-year-old had a ticket to Gatwick but instead was taken to an interview room to answer a few tricky questions.