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São Brás de Alportel Council offers help and advice to private owners of historic properties

saobrasSão Brás de Alportel Council has taken a step forward in encouraging the preservation and sensitive maintenance of privately owned buildings in its historic centre.

An Office of Urban Rehabilitation has been created in partnership with the IN LOCO Association, supported by European funding under the Portugal 2020 programme.

The Council said that it now offers an information service aimed at property owners interested in the sensitive renovation of their buildings and who want to obtain information on available grants, the laws they must follow as well as step-by-step guidance through the various steps and procedures they must follow. 

Especially interesting for many is the information relating to the tax breaks available and the waiving of some fees for those keen to spend money on improving the city’s privately owned historic building stock.

The Municipal Rehabilitation Office aims to spread the word across the municipality so that those with old buildings outside the São Brás de Alportel historic centre also can receive the advice necessary.

On the negative side, the new office operating within the Council’s ‘Unidade de Urbanismo, Planeamento e Ordenamento do Território’ (Urban Planning Unit) is only open to the public for four hours a week, Thursdays 09:00 to 13:00, and then only with an appointment.

It is not yet known whether the Council will be following its own advice concerning its historic buildings, notably a C19th building its contractors destroyed when modernising the Largo de São Sebastião. 

Local association Al-Portel, said at the time that the destruction of the centenary building was “an unforgivable and unwarranted attack,” made more insulting by the use of the space as a temporary builder’s yard. (HERE)