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Ryanair voted ‘worst airline’ for the 6th year running

Published on 06/01/2019

With its uncanny knack of separating passengers from their luggage, Ryanair has been voted the worst airline for the sixth year in a row.

The Which? survey gave the top short-haul accolade to the Channel Islands airline, Aurigny with Singapore Airlines voted the best long-haul service.

In the Which? poll, passengers marked scores for boarding process, food and drink, seat comfort and general cabin comfort and space.

Customers scored Ryanair low, with thousands of respondents claiming that never again would they board a Ryanair flight, even if it was the cheapest.

Plagued by expensive strikes, Ryanair also managed to screw up holiday plans for thousands of people last year when it had to cancel flights due to its own inability to supply pilots and cabin crews, later refusing to pay passenger compensation. This resulted in the Civil Aviation Authority having to take enforcement action.

Assigned seating, priority boarding and the cost of checking in extra luggage were viewed as ‘poor’ by those Ryanair travellers who completed the survey.

The airline continues to fiddle around with its baggage rules, three times in 2018 alone, causing confusion and the feeling that the rules are designed to catch people out, not to help them.

Despite terrible reviews, Ryanair continues to attract additional customers so must be doing something right. Over the past six years, the airline has grown passenger numbers by 12% to 10.3 million customers in the month of December 2018, up from 9.3million in December 2017.

The list of shame at the bottom of the short-haul flight ranking features British Airways, Vueling Airlines, Wizz Air and Thomas Cook Airlines.

Concerningly, Wizz and Veuling both share the same deplorable rating for customer service with Ryanair.

EasyJet steers the middle path and scores better than rivals Ryanair and British Airways, coming in the middle of the ranking topped by Swiss Airlines, Jet2, Norwegian Air and KLM – with Aurigny Air Service heading the list of short-haul winners.

In the long-haul category Singapore Airlines is the clear winner, second-place is Emirates with Qatar Airways in third place.

BA is in the long-haul sin bin, along with Thomas Cook Airlines, Thomson/Tui Airways, United Airlines and in last place, American Airlines.