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Ryanair flight to Faro makes emergency landing in France

Ryanair flight to Faro makes emergency landing in France.Last nights’ 18:35 Ryanair flight FR4052 from Manchester to Faro, was forced to make an emergency landing in France, following a fire that reportedly broke out in the aircraft.

According to reports the 12 year old Boing 737-800 plane made an steep descent from 41,000 feet cruising height to 6,725 feet in just seven minutes, landing within 13 minutes in Brest, France at 19:30. According to information on social network Twitter, the flight made the emergency landing after reports from passengers of a fire having broken out on board.

“All the passengers were transported safely to a bus by the French police”. Several firefighting vehicles then attended the plane.

Passengers of the flight were able to continue their journey to Faro once the incident was dealt with, travelling on a replacement plane which was dispatched from Stanstead to reach them.

Source: https://twitter.com/AvSourceNews