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“Rui Rio is a failure” – PSD leadership challenge launched

RuiRioThe challenge to Social Democrat leader, Rui Rio, (pictured), has been launched by Luís Montenegro who said today that he wants to be, “the opponent that António Costa has not had over the last year” and wants a clean start for the party instead of letting the current leader, carry on and fail.

Montenegro challenged Rui Rio to have the courage to call a party leadership election and not to, “take refuge behind formal, legal and administrative issues.”

If Rui Rio does not accept the challenge, he will be censured in an extraordinary National Council meeting and most likely, removed.

Montenegro has started boldly, calling Rui Rio a failure and that, if nothing is done, there will be a humiliating defeat for the PSD in the Autumn general election.

“Rui Rio promised to make the PSD an alternative and firm opposition to the government, but failed, as the party has failed, to criticise António Costa and is seen as complacent,” said the challenger.

In Luís Montenegro’s view, there is no other option but “change” in order to “save the PSD from the abyss into which it is diving.”

“One year ago no one thought that the PSD would become what it is today: amorphous, without cause, incapable of mobilising its militants and at risk of having a defeat that could jeopardise its survival as a national party,” said Montenegro, adding, “I am here to galvanise the Portuguese into a period of hope: hope for entrepreneurs, who want to risk starting new business, for workers who aspire to better wages and a time of hope for the most disadvantaged.”

Montenegro ended his challenge by saying, “I’m here to tell the country that we need a new government and a new prime minister. I am here to be the opponent that António Costa has not had over the past year. I am available to lead this change. Portugal is losing patience with this Socialist, Blocist and Communist government.”

Asked for a reaction to the Social Democratic Party leadership crisis and the call for change by Montenegro, Rui Rio said he will not react now, but will not ignore the situation either, “I will respond in a timely manner, I will not pretend that nothing is happening, it would be a great hypocrisy.”