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Restricted movement between municipalities for All Saints’ weekend

18507The Council of Ministers have approved the prohibition of movement between different counties of Portugal between 00:00 on Friday, October 30th and 00:30 on Tuesday, November 3rd. 

The period corresponds to the All Saints’ Day on November 2nd. “We are limiting circulation to help families not to join in an activity that we know is charged with emotion and that would provide what, as we know in recent weeks, has been one of the main sources of disease transmission, family activities.”

In early April, the Government decided to limit circulation in the Easter period due to the pandemic.  Citizens could not move outside their municipality of residence, “except for health reasons or other reasons of imperative urgency”. Workers were obliged to travel with “a declaration from the employer that attests that they are in the performance of their professional activities”.
The restriction at Easter did not apply to health professionals and other workers of health and social support institutions, civil protection agents, security forces and services, military and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces, inspectors of the Food and Economic Security Authority, titleholders of political positions and magistrates.

Minister of State and the Presidency, Mariana Vieira explained “the foreseen rules will be similar to those we had at Easter and, therefore same procedure of proof of any exceptions will be needed.”

“The Government is aware that this is a very relevant weekend for many Portuguese – more in the North and Center of the country than in the South – but for many families and throughout the national territory. We do it knowing that everyone has the right to express their grief and we have a duty to prevent gatherings.”

In relation to the cemeteries, “the time and the mode of operation is the responsibility of the local authorities and will continue to be so during this period”.


Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/