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Registered unemployment in the Algarve has risen 157.5% on last year

Registered unemployment in the Algarve has risen 157.5% on last yearData released yesterday by the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) unsurprisingly shows the number of unemployed registered in September this year rose 157.5% in relation to the same month in 2019.

In relation to August, registered unemployment increased 4.3%.

The Algarve has seen a rise in unemployment every month since March, but in September by a large margin, resulting in the Algarve region of the country having the highest year-on-year increase in registered unemployed.

Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, the region that had the second largest increase, stood at + 54.7%. Alentejo registered an increase of 27.3%. At the national level, the increase was 36.1%.

According to the IEFP statistical bulletin, at the end of September, there were 21,310 registered in the employment centers in the Algarve, 13,034 more than in the same month of 2019.

In relation to August of this year, there are more 885 unemployed people registered (+ 4.3%), a number that grew slightly due to the drop in tourism activity.

With regard to the total number of enrollments in the employment services of the Algarve, in September, the percentage increase in relation to the same period last year is 64.2%.

According to IEFP data, there were 291 job vacancies in September, 184 less than in the previous month, which is justified by the fact that August is the greatest tourist period of the year and has now passed.