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Quarteira cycleway disaster to be remedied

bicycleLoulé’s mayor has come up with a variety of statements to explain a move to alter the new cycle way through Quarteira, slammed by drivers, pedestrians and the sane.

A “correction” of the Quarteira Cycleway will happen “within a week” after the controversy morphed into a demonstration.

The bicycle lane will undergo adaptations, between the octopus roundabout and the Bus Terminal, to, ahem, “improve circulation.”

Loulé Council stated today that “the interventions are aimed at resolving some of the annoyances observed during (what is now being called) the experimental period (since January), in particular with regard to traffic flow, maneuvering space of vehicles and the arrangement of parking in the section of the cycle way.”

Vítor Aleixo explained to Sul Informação, in the understatement of the week, that “these corrections arise to eliminate inconveniences that were detected.” Locals called the inconveniences, “aberrations” created on two of the city’s main avenues.

In a press release, the Council stated that the project was of, “extreme importance in environmental matters and adaptation to climate change, in line with what happens in the vast majority of centres of Europe.”

The waffle continued: “In this sense, we will continue with the actions planned in this Vivo Laboratory, which will encourage decarbonisation and through which innovative solutions will be tested to improve environmental performance and sustainability, based on priority areas such as energy, mobility, buildings, economy circular, among others, because we believe that this will be a decisive step to improve the quality of life of the Quarteirenses and all those who visit this city.”