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Professional ballerina stabs husband in attempted murder case in Portimão

A woman, revealed to be a dancer by profession, was arrested after trying to kill her husband by stabbing him in the chest at their home in Portimão, according to an announcement made today by the Judicial Police (PJ).

According to the authorities, the attempted murder took place “in the garden of their private condominium”. It was then that this couple, in the process of divorce, started arguing.

The crime, according to the PJ, came as a result of conflicts over matters related to a child.

After meeting and exchanging words, the woman, armed with a knife said to be four inches long, aimed “a blow to the victim’s chest, causing serious injury.”

The police revealed that the sole reason the man did not die was because he underwent an urgent surgical procedure

As for the 41-year-old ballerina who was the perpetrator of the crime, she has been taken into custody and is set to appear in front of a judge for the first judicial interrogation.