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Portugal’s ‘Route 66’ pushed on ABC’s ‘ Good Morning America’

Route66PassportABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ broadcast a discussion on the best tourist destinations in the world to visit in 2019 – the Estrada Nacional 2, Portugal’s very own ‘Route 66,’ was one of the highlights of the programme that attracts over four million viewers.

The Estrada Nacional 2 connects Trás-os-Montes and the Algarve capital of Faro: the road is 739 kilometres long and one of the most iconic routes in the country.

The route, known for years by drivers seeking an alternative to the country’s motorway system, did not go unnoticed by the director of Frommer’s travel magazine, who pointed out Portugal’s longest road as being, “one of the best tourist destinations to visit in 2019.”

The director of Frommer’s pointed out that Portugal is a destination that is cheaper than many American think, when they are pondering a European trip, “especially for hotels and restaurants.”

The travel expert warned that that Portugal is no longer a secret and that big cities can be “overcrowded” with tourists. Hence, the offer of an alternative, “by car through the interior of Portugal” along National Highway 2.

“From the beautiful wine regions to medieval villages and towns, it is a fabulous road,” explained the magazine’s director.


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