Home News Portugal to take ‘unaccompanied child refugees’ from Greek camps

Portugal to take ‘unaccompanied child refugees’ from Greek camps

Published on 11/03/2020

Portugal is to start taking in unaccompanied child refugees held in overcrowded camps on the Greek islands.

The announcement came on Monday in Brussels, though it is still unclear how many children will be coming, or when they will be arriving.

France, Luxembourg, Finland and Germany are also responding to the European Commission’s appeal for an answer for these children who are believed to number around 1500.

Meantime, Portugal has dispatched ‘humanitarian aid’ to the refugees in the form of tents, blankets and other supplies in response to the heightened crisis in Greece, exacerbated by Turkey’s recent decision to ‘open its borders’ to millions of Syrians, Africans and others clamouring to get into Europe.

Credit to the Portugal Resident