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Portugal ranked third safest country in the world

Published on 14/06/2019

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita, said that Portugal has evolved “very significantly” in terms of its security and now is considered the third safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index.

“We were in 18th, six years ago. Today, we are in third place,” said Cabrita who was at a ceremony to mark the delivery of 224 new vehicles, at a cost of €6 million, to the GNR, adding,

“Portugal has evolved very significantly, we have had a year-on-year reduction of general and violent crime, this has been recognised and is very important, first of all for the Portuguese, but also for the image of the country.”

The minister said that whenever he participates “in international meetings, the image that is always associated with Portugal” is “an image of security and the Portuguese, today, increasingly are aware of this.”

For the minister, this development is due to good coordination between the various forces, namely the GNR, PSP, Aliens and Borders Service and the Judicial Police.

The vehicles being delivered are part of a €50 million deal for the supply of vehicles to all Portugal’s security forces, over four years – a total of two thousand vehicles.

“The fundamental investment today is the creation of security” which is “decisive” for “tourism, to attract investment and to attract students or scientists,” argued the minister.