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Portugal leads Europe in the siting of pedestrian crossings

questionPictures of a pedestrian crossing in S. Mamede de Infesta, Matosinhos, have gone viral on social media but for all the wrong reasons.

Far from exemplifying a carefully planned safety measure to aid pedestrians as they negotiate a potentially dangerous public road, the crossing is painted on a narrow back street with no pavements and runs wall to wall.

“It does not make sense because the street is too narrow. There are other roads here with far more vehicles and pedestrians which don’t have any crossings,” commented a baffled Martins Oliveira, a resident with a strangely disturbing knowledge of local byways.

The Parish Council remains adamant that the crossing is a major contribution to road safety, despite attracting international ridicule and observations that the crossing on Rua da Fonte is the work of a prankster.

“The intention was to reduce speed and watch over the safety of those who live there,” explains Leonardo Fernandes, the mayor of S. Mamede whose place in history is assured.

algarvedailynews welcomes the receipt of pictures of other Council follies…

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