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Portugal in top three countries for greatest increase in inventions

Portugal in top three countries for greatest increase in inventions2018 saw Portugal among the top three European countries registering the greatest increase in requests for patents for new inventions.

Coming from companies and universities, the 222 requests represented a 47% increase on numbers for the year before.

Products ranged from new electrocardiograms to subaquatic communications masts and solutions for transforming toxic by-products of olive oil for use in agriculture.

Said president of the European Patents Office António Campinos, it’s “very good” to see Portugal’s inventors ‘blossoming’.

In a statement, he said: “These last annual results and the substantial growth of patent requests from Portugal are a sign of the growing strength of the country in innovation, investigation and development.

“Patents are essential to establish the competitivity of the country and its businesses, and a prerequisite for growth and the creation of employment.

“The contribution of institutions of investigation and Portuguese universities in the increase in patent requests is particularly encouraging”, he added
The two countries who registered an even higher increase in patent requests were Lithuania and San Marino (the mountainous microstate surrounded by north central Italy).

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Article courtesy of The Portugal Resident