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Portugal has suffered no deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccine

 Dr Photo - PORTUGAL HAS SUFFERED NO DEATHS DUE TO THE COVID-19 VACCINEThe “Vaccines Report for Covid-19” by the National Medicines Authority (Infarmed), released at the end of last week, shows Portugal has seen no deaths as a result of having the Covid vaccine, but 34 deaths after inoculation

As of the end of last week, Portugal had registered more than five thousand adverse reactions (RAM) in patients after inoculation against Covid-19. Of the 5359, more than half (2997) were considered “non-serious”

Within the ‘serious adverse reaction’ however, there are “serious (non-fatal)” adverse effects (2328) and “serious (fatal)” adverse effects (34)The report insists that the 34 deaths are“notifications of cases of death that occurred after vaccination without a demonstrated direct causal relationship with the vaccine administered”.

The report reveals that 73.56% (3942) of the adverse reactions were registered after the Pfizer vaccine, which is the vaccine with the most doses administered in Portugal (2,529,640).
After the Pfizer vaccine, the vaccine with the highest number of adverse reactions was AstraZeneca (1122), followed by Moderna (295). The Janssen vaccine has yet to experience any adverse reaction.

However, taking into account the doses administered (that is, if the same amount of vaccines for each brand had been administered), the results point to 41% of adverse reactions with Pfizer, 33.3% with AstraZeneca , and 25.6% with Moderna.

The most common adverse reactions in Portugal are muscle pain, joint pain (2520), headaches (1637) and fever (1494). Side effects also occur more in women than in men, and mostly affect the 30-39 and 40-49 age groups.

Latest data shows that more than 3.6 million doses have now been administered in PortugalSince Saturday, self-scheduling of the vaccine for those in the 60s age group is possible. 

Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/