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Portugal – daily fruit consumption second highest in Europe

fruitPortugal is the second country of the European Union in which the population eats fruit daily.

The population ranks in fourth place in the daily consumption of vegetables, well above the EU average.

According to the 2017 data, only now released by Eurostat, 81% of the Portuguese population consumes fruit every day, only beaten by the healthy Italians where 85% eat fruit daily.

For vegetable consumption, Portugal ranks fourth with 78% of the population consuming a daily portion, behind Ireland (84%), Belgium (84%) and Italy (80%).

For the consumption of both, the EU average is a poor 64%.

The countries with the lowest fruit consumption were Latvia (35%), followed by Bulgaria and Lithuania, both at 37%.

Hungary (30%), Romania (41%) and Latvia (44%) were the countries where nationals were least likely to eat vegetables.