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Portugal 2020 allocated €26 billion in EU funds

Published on February 14, 2019

euPortugal has received €7.5 billion from the European Union since the start of the Portugal 2020 programme in 2015, second only to Poland, according to the last European Union Funds Information Bulletin, carrying information to the end of 2018.

In total, the European Commission has transferred a total of €101.8 billion to the 28 Member States, 7.3% of which has been sent to Portugal.

By the end of 2018, applications had been submitted under the Portugal 2020 investment programme for €58.4 billion in aid, 50% of which was for competitiveness and internationalisation projects.

Projects to date have cost €8.4 billion, an implementation rate of 33%.

With an overall allocation of about €26 billion, the Portugal 2020 programme is a partnership agreement between Portugal and the European Commission, “which establishes priorities for the economic, social and territorial development policy of Portugal between 2014 and 2020.”