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Portimão PSP detains two suspected drug traffickers

Dr Photo - Portimão PSP detains two suspected drug traffickersPortimão police detained two citizens last weekend for the crime of drug trafficking in two separate operations.

The District Command of PSP Faro explains that around 7:15 pm, last Saturday, “the police elements in the course of auto patrolling, noticed a moped riding with two passengers and without lights at the rear, so they gave him stop order. The driver of the moped accelerated, putting himself on the run through several streets of the city, coming to crash on Rua dos Viveiros, Portimão”.

The passenger of the moped, a Portuguese citizen aged 20, was found to be in possession of 18 doses of hashish, and was arrested.
he moped driver, also aged 20, was accused of driving the vehicle without legal authorization.
Both individuals were fined for failure to comply with the general Covid-19 ‘Stay at home’ rules in force.

On Sunday, at 7 pm, “the police team, when seeing two citizens inside a vehicle, in a place connected to drug trafficking, proceeded to approach them”.

After searching the suspects, the authorities found “a 27-year-old foreign national in possession of 56 doses of cocaine, 30 doses of heroin, and money”, which the PSP suspects “is the result of drug trafficking.” The man was arrested for drug trafficking.

Both men are being detained, awaiting presentation to the judicial authorities to determine the enforcement measures.

Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/