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Portimão Council funds sterilisation of street cats and dogs

Published on 17/05/2019

In 2018, 520 animals were sterilised in the Portimão area by associations that the Council helped fund.

The municipality again is supporting two animal organisations which are running cats and dogs sterilisation programmes.

The Association of Kennels of Portimão (AACP) and the Association of Defence of Animals of Portimão (ADAP) will receive €25,000 to help in this preventative process. In Portuguese, the organisations are, Associação Amigos do Canil de Portimão (AACP) and the Associação de Defesa de Animais de Portimão (ADAP))

The deal for AACP is for €15,000, “which will be used for the acquisition of goods or services essential to the sterilisation of animals in the Municipal Kennel and provision of health care to dogs and cats that can not be provided on site,” explained Portimão Council, omitting to note that the State also contributes to the sterlilsation of the nation’s kennel population.

As for ADAP, the deal is for €10,000 for the sterilisation of a hundred street cats in various places in the city of Portimão.

According to the Council, “the concrete measures currently underway in the municipality of Portimão aim at the welfare of stray animals, for example the partnerships established with ADAP, which allowed 250 cats to be sterilized under the Capture-Sterilise-Return Programme.”

In the case of the AACP, the funding is related to the animals in the Portimão kennel and, last year, “a grant made possible the sterilization of 270 cats and dogs,” stated the Council, adding that the grants were “in regognition of both associations’ work in the public interest regarding the promotion of awareness campaigns and the encouragement of sterilisation as a way to reduce the excessive number of strays and thus contribute to safeguarding the health of, and the environmental quality for, the population.”

In a fine example of the ‘left hand – right hand’ theory of local government, the Council has been distributing leaflets urging residents to not feed street animals, later stating that ‘this meant things like seagulls’:

Portimão says ‘no feeding strays’ campaign was meant for seagulls