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Pollen concentrations remain high throughout Portugal

POLLEN CONCENTRATIONS REMAIN HIGH THROUGHOUT PORTUGALAll regions of mainland Portugal continue to have very high concentrations of pollen in the atmosphere, with a welcome reduction in levels next week due to the forecast of rain.

According to the Portuguese Society of Allergiology and Clinical Immunology (SPAIC) ), until the 2nd of June very high concentrations of pollen are expected in all regions, but lowering from Monday, when the rain is due arrive. 

“At this time, pollen grains with high allergenic capacity are present in the air at very high levels, such as those from grass, parietaria, plantain and chenopodium and olive trees”, says SPAIC.

In the Algarve region, pollen from olive trees, oak trees, grasses, plantain and chenopodium dominate.

According to SPAIC, outdoor activities should be avoided when pollen concentrations are this high, “walking in the garden, mowing the lawn, camping or playing outdoor sports will increase your exposure to pollens and your risk for allergies,” they say.