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Politicians celebrate Faro Council approving regulations for new Faro Beach Camping Park, with jabs at former clingy residents

faro campsiteFaro’s Social Democratic Party (PSD) have congratulated the municipal executive following the approval, in a meeting of the Municipal Assembly at the end of last week, of the regulations for the management of the future Camping Park at Praia de Faro, in what the party is calling a victory over “the left and extreme left party forces”, as well as old campsite’s clingy homeowner’s association.

“With the determination the mayor, the Camping Park will be included in the list of tourist facilities that serve the municipality, and will serve exclusively the interests of the local economy, helping to bring more and more visitors to Praia de Faro and affirming our municipality as a holiday destination of excellence”, stated a PSD Faro spokesperson in a statement sent to the newsrooms.

Having approved the clause proposed by Mayor Rogério Bacalhau, “we can say that, for the first time in its history, Faro will have a campsite open to all, with management based on the quality of the facilities and services provided and with a rotation policy and respect for the use of public facilities”. Notice the dig at previous habitants of the campsite, who refused to leave the public land after being presented with several eviction notices?

According to PSD Faro, this is due, “undoubtedly, to the determination of the mayors, who never haggled efforts to overcome this crucial objective, which was to return to the population a space that, being public, nobody wanted to remain appropriated by a small group of individuals who insisted on staying there, contrary to the general will of the people of Faro”.

The statement continues: “Our party praises the persistence and determination of all those involved in the process, in particular the municipal executive who, since 2014, has done everything to overcome the resistances that have been put in, either by the former residents, or the party forces of the left and the extreme left.” Which political forces the PSD are referring seems uncertain, as the only opposition that the Mayor met throughout the process was from the campsite residents’ association.