Home News Police arrest 10 people in major drug bust in Portimão

Police arrest 10 people in major drug bust in Portimão

Published on 05/02/2020

A major drug bust saw police arresting 10 people and seizing two tons of hashish at Portimão’s Praia do Alemão beach on Monday night (February 3).

PJ police in the Algarve say they have dealt a “strong blow” to the region’s drug trafficking underworld.

“The investigation will continue,” regional PJ chief António Madureira told reporters on Tuesday. “We will try to uncover the extent of the criminal activity, namely identify other people who may have been part of it.”

According to Madureira, police forces had been investigating this drug trafficking operation for “around one year and a half”.

He explained that Portugal was likely a “stopover” for the drugs which may have been en route elsewhere.

The bust happened when a boat was spotted travelling towards the beach.

Nuno Marinho, commander of Olhão’s GNR coastal unit, said that around 10 people of several nationalities were caught red-handed on the beach loading 59 packages of hashish into several vehicles, including two all-terrain vehicles.

“They did not offer resistance, but one of them attempted to escape,” Marinho said, adding that warning shots had to be fired.

One of the men who were arrested sustained minor injuries to one of his legs and was taken to hospital.

Credit to Michael Bruxo of the Portugal Resident