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PM claims nurses are planning wild-cat strikes which are “absolutely illegal”

nurseThe prime minister argued this afternoon that the nurses “surgical” strike is “absolutely illegal,” and gave a few reasons why he thought that way, including the fact that the Order of Nurses was involved.

António Costa was supporting his Ministry of Health in trying to end the nurses’ strike by judicial means. Speaking to reporters, the prime minister said the strike is in violation of the rights of the sick.

Costa says that there is a confusion between the exercise of trade union activity and the legitimate right to strike and that the current strikes planned are wild-cat strikes which simply aim to undermine the dignity of patients, are against the proper functioning of the NHS and are absolutely illegal.

Costa said that the Government will use, “all legal means at our disposal to prevent the practice of illegal use of the strike and the abuse of rights that harm patients.”

The prime minister is keen to spot, “the exercise of trade union functions by institutions that are legally prohibited from having any trade union activity,” having noted that the head of the nurses’ order is Ana Rita Cavaco, a militant of the PSD opposition party.

The PM also wants to find out if there have been any underhand methods deployed to finance the planned strikes.