Home News Pingo Doce million euro fish scam – five arrests made

Pingo Doce million euro fish scam – five arrests made

Published on 12/06/2019

Pingo Doce’s senior managament has seen five of its employees, involved in a fish scam that paid for luxury cars and supplied large amounts of cash, caught by the Police.

Officers discovered €400,000 in cash at homes they raided after Pingo Doce management helped uncover a scheme in which certain employees received money from a company that supplied fresh fish, not necessarily the best value for money, to the exclusion of other suppliers.

Three men and one woman, between 40 and 65-years-old, have been arrested by the Judiciary Police on suspicion of corruption.

TVI reported that those arrested were high-up managers in the supermarket chain, owned by Jerónimo Martins.

According to a statement released on Wednesday by the PJ, 18 searches were made in the Greater Lisbon area, with €??400,000 in cash and several state-of-the-art cars seized, as part of operation ‘Rappel,’ and that the suspected crime was brought to them by the company

which, “cooperated extensively with the investigation.”

TVI also reported that two of the suspects are officials who may have received more than €1 million in bribes from the fish supplier

In addition to the four detainees, there are six further Jerónimo Martins employees who now are official defendants, among them an employee based in Poland.