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PAN party tells Olhão council to stop relying on the public to fix stray animal problem

PAN party tells Olhão council to stop relying on the public to fix stray animal problemThe PAN (People, Animals, Nature) party has revealed that they want Olhão Council to restart their Capture, Sterilization and Return (CSR) program in order to prevent the spread of stray animals in the county as soon as September, and “with full commitment”.


According to PAN, there is “a serious problem in regards to the overcrowding of stray animals in the municipality”. The party believes that this issue can be resolved through the implementation of “ethical population control measures”.

“Despite the fact that many colonies have already been identified, information to which the Council has access, for more than three years the CSR program has not been implemented by the municipality,” they say.

Currently those who take action against the overpopulation of stray animals are the independent voluntary associations, informal groups, and well-meaning members of the public, who “collect, treat and care for animals left behind, transport them to veterinary clinics, and then return them”, although PAN believes that this is a responsibility of the Council, not local residents.

With this in mind, the party commented about how there is “much to be done before the municipality can finally become an example of good practice in animal protection and welfare’.

The most urgent measures according to PAN, in addition to the reactivation of the Capture, Sterilize, Release program, are the financing of the “reality-coherent” associative movement and the provision of people and services by the municipality, “instead of relying only on the work and goodwill of associations and informal groups of voluntary caregivers.”

 “Reviewing the project of the new Official Collection Centre for Animals (OCCA), with the involvement of those who are aware of the reality of the situation, so that it is in line with the real needs of the municipality and principles of Animal Welfare” is another suggestion of this party.